Courtney (gcgurl1188) wrote in degrassi_blends,

Hello everyone! I'm brand new to the community. I'm a huge Degrassi fan and love messing with pictures and making backgrounds and stuff so this community sounded good. I'm working on some pieces I want to add soon. However, I need some work on my blend skills, they're the one editing thing I'm not too good at, so I have a request I'm hoping someone can do for me. I really hate to request something in my 1st entry, but it would be awesome if someone could do it for me.


I found my Ellie icon, and I want a picture to use in the background so my whole lj can have that theme. I would love an Ellie blend about "Whisper To A Scream". You can use any pictures that go along with that. And for the words, I'm torn between 2, so you can choose. Either just have it say "Scars remind me that the past is real", or have the lyrics for S.O.S. by Good Charlotte blended in, if you know what I mean. Beyond that, it's up to you guys.


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